When it comes to the Underworld, countless rumors and legends abound. So much so that it is difficult to sort fact from fiction. There are tales of lost cities beneath the earth; strange races warped by chaos magic into hideous caricatures of men; and legendary beasts like dragons and demons.

Some of the tamer stories talk of caverns and tunnels in which the laws of nature seem to hold little sway. Some say there are places where time passes differently, if at all!

The one topic that seems to have the most consensus is that magic works differently in the Underworld. There are objects that carry powerful enchantments down there that become utterly mundane on the surface world. There are also stories of uncovering lost spells and arcana more powerful than what can be learned above.

It’s said that the rich and powerful sometimes pay well for certain rare objects and substances from the Underworld. Enough so that the known entrances to the realm are usually guarded by those who which to deny access to “competitors.” Finding a new entrance that leads to a large area of the Underworld is a valuable asset, but such access points are not always stable and can sometimes change to just a hole in the ground.


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